Are you new to the world of competitive Pokemon? Does your Charizard know only Fire moves and HMs? Does Max keep calling you a scrub? If any of the above describe you then fear not! We have you covered. Here is a collection of tutorials designed to help new players build a competitive team.

  • Introduction
  • Individual Values
  • Breeding
  • Effort Values
  • What’s Next?


So you want to get into competitive Pokemon? Well first you’re going to need to raise a team!

Individual Values (IVs)

IVs are a value that range from IV for each of its six stats, HP, Attack, Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed. The higher a Pokemon’s IV is, the higher its corresponding stat will be. Pokemon with perfect IVs (all of them are 31) are usually superior to Pokemon who don’t have perfect IVs. There are three common exceptions: Having a lower attack stat on Pokemon that don’t use physical attacks reduces the damage they take from confusion without lowering their own attack damage. Having a low speed IV can make a Pokemon faster when Trick Room is in effect. Finally, to get most viable Hidden Powers you will need some IVs to not be 31. IVs are generated randomly when a Pokemon is encountered, and cannot be changed. There are a couple ways to get perfect IVs. Pokemon found in the Friend Safari will have at least two perfect IVs. Legendary Pokemon will always have at least three perfect IVs. The final way to influence a Pokemon’s IVs is breeding.


When you leave two Pokemon in the same egg group (or one is a Ditto) in the daycare, they will produce an egg that will hatch into the pre-evolved form of the mother (unless you’re breeding with Ditto, in which case the non-Ditto parent’s pre-evolved form will be the child). Normally the offspring will be the lowest evolved form of the mother, but if that Pokemon has a baby form introduced after generation two you’ll need one of the parents to hold a specific incense to get the baby form.

There are two factors that influence how fast two Pokemon produce an egg. If the two Pokemon share the same Pokedex number then they will produce an egg twice as quickly. If the two parents have different original trainers then they will once again produce an egg twice as quickly. Both factors stack, though its unlikely you’ll meet both conditions throughout the breeding chain. Having the Oval Charm (obtained from Professor Sycamore by seeing every Pokemon in the Kalos Pokedex).

Hatching eggs can be sped up as well. Having a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor in your party halves the amount of steps required to hatch an egg. Using hatching power can also cut down the amount of time it takes to hatch an egg.

When two Pokemon produce an egg together, three of their IVs will be passed onto the child. This means that good IVs can be passed down through the generations. If either parent is holding a Destiny Knot, then five IVs will be passed down instead. This makes it much easier to get all five of the IVs you care about to be 31. Put two Pokemon in the daycare that have different perfect stats and soon you’ll have a child that has both of the parents perfect stats. As you continually replace the parents with their superior offspring you’ll get a Pokemon with five perfect IVs soon enough. This process is made trivially simple if you can get your hands on a Ditto with perfect IVs in all six stats. To check your Pokemon’s IVs, there is an IV judge in the Kiloude City Pokemon Centre. He will tell you which of your stats are the highest, and whether or not they are as high as they can be.

To get the Nature you want, you’ll need to start with a parent with that nature. Once you have the first parent simply give it an Everstone and it will pass it’s nature down to all of it’s offspring.

So that’s the basics of breeding. Sometimes there are some complications, such as:

  1. Getting the right ability
  2. Getting egg moves
  3. Getting specific Hidden Powers
  4. Inheriting Pokeball design
  5. Getting a shiny


Getting the right ability isn’t tricky, but its another step that complicates the process. If you need a hidden ability, you’ll need a parent with their hidden ability. You can get hidden ability Pokemon from the Friend Safari in X&Y, horde encounters and from trades. Mothers can always pass down their hidden ability, while fathers can only pass down their hidden ability when breeding with a Ditto. Mothers have a 60% chance to pass down their Hidden Ability.

If you’re not after a Pokemon’s hidden ability, then things are a lot easier. The mother has an 80% chance to pass down her non-hidden ability to the offspring. If you don’t have a mother with the right ability, there is always a chance you’ll get the ability you want so you’ll get it eventually if you keep at it.

Egg Moves

Passing down egg moves is very simple in generation 6. If either parent has an egg move for the offspring, then the offspring will have that move. Both parents can pass down moves at the same time, and a total of four moves can be passed down to one Pokemon (because Pokemon only have four moves).

There is one special egg move, Volt Tackle. Only the Pikachu line can get Volt Tackle, do get it you need one of Pichu’s parents to hold a Light Ball.

Hidden Power

If you want a Pokemon with a specific Hidden Power type, you’ll probably need an IV or two to be an even value (so not 31, probably 30). Since Hidden Power Ice is the only Hidden Power I’ve seen used in competitive play since VGC 2014 began I’ll cover how to get that one. To get Hidden Power Ice, you’ll want an IV spread of 31/X/30/31/31/31 where X is an even number. The defence IV doesn’t need to be 30, but if you’re going for the best Pokemon you can get you’ll go for one with a 30 defence IV.

First you should get a parent with their hidden ability, egg moves, nature, and perfect IVs in all that stats that should be perfect. Then find another parent that has a 30 defence IV (I don’t know of a good way to get this, I just had a 30 defence Ditto lying around) and breed it with your first parent. Eventually you’ll get a child with the right IV combination, you’ll know you have the right one when the IV judge in Kiloude city says your HP, S.Atk, S.Def, and Speed are all as high as they can be and the Hidden Power judge in Anistar City says your Hidden Power type is Ice. If the parent with the 30 defence IV doesn’t have any other perfect IVs, this process could take a while, so fell free to replace it with a child that has the 30 defence and a couple 31s passed down (just make sure the child has the 30 defence by leveling it up a bit and checking it’s stats with an IV calculator).

To get other Hidden Powers, you’ll need to find out which IVs need to be even and repeat this process for those stats instead.

Aesthetic Aspects

So that’s all it takes to get perfect Pokemon, but there are some aesthetic aspects to breeding. The mother will always pass down what Pokeball she’s caught in to her offspring (unless she’s caught in a Master Ball, Cherish Ball, or she’s breeding with a Ditto). There is also a way to increase the child’s chance of hatching as a shiny. If the two parents come from different regions (IE: A Japanese Ditto and a North American Charmander) then they will have an increased chance of being a shiny.

EV Training:

So now you have your perfect Pokemon, but you’re not done yet! The last step is to EV train you Pokemon. EVs (Effort Values) are stats you get to influence. Each Pokemon can receive a total of 510 EVs distributed across their six stat, with a maximum of 252 in any stat. At level 100, every four EVs will increase a Pokemon’s stat by 1. This allows you to chose which of your Pokemon’s stats will be higher.

There are a couple ways to train your Pokemon. The first is to use Vitamins. Each Vitamin increases one of your stat’s effort values by 10, and you can use them until you reach 100 EVs in that stat.

The second is to battle wild Pokemon. Each Pokemon has its own EV yield (which you can find on Bulbapedia or Serebi). This yield can be increased by having the Macho Brace (which doubles the yield) or the Power Items (which add 4 points for one stat). Having Pokerus doubles the total yield. The quickest way to train for EVs is to fight hordes. You can use Sweet Scent to trigger a horde battle, and you can use a spread move to knock out the entire horde at once and earn five times the regular EVs.

The final way is to use Super Training. This is the simplest way to do it as it tells you how each action affects you EVs, but it isn’t the quickest way.

If you accidentally screw up when EV training, fret not! You can obtain Reset Bags from Super Training that allow you to reset all your EVs to zero. There are also berries that can lower the EVs for a specific stat by 10.

What’s Next?

So now you have your brand new team of Pokemon, where do you go from here? The last thing to do is collect all the items you need.

You’re going to want most/all of the TMs (even if you don’t plan to use them right away you’ll want them somewhere down the line). There are plenty of guides online that should help you find them. You should also track down all the mega stones (again, there are plenty of guides for that).


Most items that you’ll want can be found in the battle maison, so you’ll need to have some battles there to earn battle points which you can use to buy all the items you want. If you have a team of EV trained Pokemon you should be able to rack up a decent win streak in the maison and earn points fairly quickly, especially since the maison doesn’t use Mega Pokemon and you can.

So after all of that, you’re ready to take on the world! Hop onto Battle Spot and start battling other players!

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