Perish Song

Song and Dance: Top 16 Melbourne Challenge Report

G’day hat lovers!

I recently participated in an online grassroots tournament hosted by Sam Pandelis, with a $1500 cash prize for the winner to go to the Melbourne International. I managed to top cut, and while there was no prize for my finish, I still felt it was worth writing about.

This team of course, was taken from San Jose regional runner up Enosh, who I owe a big thank you for helping me and letting me use his team. I ended up changing a lot of details he had from San Jose, but the team remained fundamentally the same, and much of the changes I made were simply some personal preferences. Yejiang (@Yejiang_CHN) also topped the BattleSpot ladder with a similar structure, and I took some inspiration from watching some of his replays as well.

In other words: I am a team thief but I combined different ideas from different people to make it look a little less obvious that I am a team thief. I am a big fan of the team because I think its suits my playstyle well, and after playing 2016, I am so so so glad to again be able to use a team that has no attacks with imperfect accuracy (well, I had Guillotine, but that move is used far differently from the others)