Getting Ready For VGC 2015 in ORAS

Hello Hat Lovers!

Starting January 1st 2015 VGC will be played exclusively on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS). Here is a quick guide  for getting everything you in game to start building VGC teams.

Beat the Game

The first thing you’ll want to do is beat the Elite Four and the Delta Episode. This will give you access to every area in the game and some items can only be obtained after the Delta Episode.


Get all the Mega Stones

Every Mega Stone is obtainable in either version of ORAS, so there is no need to trade with the other version or XY. The locations can be found here.


There are berries that reduce the amount of effort values in a stat by 10. These make retraining your Pokemon possible. There are another set of berries that reduce the amount of damage taken from a certain type of super effective hit. In ORAS these berries can be found growing around Hoenn, so make sure you pick every berry you come across. The Berry Master’s house on route 123 has a berry patch with 24 berry patches to plant berries, making it the ideal place to farm berries.

Destiny Knot & Everstone

You’ll need the Everstone and Destiny Knot to breed for 5/6 perfect IV Pokemon. The Destiny Knot can be found in Sea Mauville by challenging the Young Couple day after day until they give it to you. The Everstone is located in Granite Cave, you’ll need the Mach Bike to get the Everstone.

Battle Points:

Move tutors, power items and several battle items are paid for in battle points, so you’ll need quite a few during the season. You’ll need to play through the Battle Maison at the Battle Resort to get battle points. R Inanimate’s Triple Battle team is probably the quickest and safest way to rack up BP. This team isn’t the only way to earn points quickly. Going in with a strong lead combo and two Pokemon in back that can deal with your lead’s counters will go far.

Breeding & Training:

Once you’ve obtained the Destiny Knot and the Everstone you’re ready to start breeding. There are two daycare centres in ORAS, one on route 117 and another at the Battle Resort. The daycare at the Battle Resort is preferred as there is a path you can ride in circles around the island for quick egg hatching and the IV judge is in the Pokemon Centre on the island.


To unlock all the O-Powers talk to the weird guys in the top right corner of the Mauville Pokemon Centre until they stop showing up. Then go to Mauville Hills and talk to them in their apartment. They wish to find someone to impart their power to, so go across the hall to find the miserable man and talk to him. Keep going back and forth between the two parties until the weird men go inside the lonely man and… you get the last O-Power.

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