Tournament Report

Are You Hypnotized? Worlds Day 1 & 2 Report

Ni Hao Hat Lovers!

This is Hao, one of your new authors of VGC with Hats. I started playing VGC last year, learning a lot from local tournaments and friends, keeping improving myself as well. At the time, I surprisingly cut my first regional in Seattle last year. This year I played decently in PCs and qualified for world championships day 1.

I’m just back from San Francisco, where I finished my first world championships. I went 6-1 on day 1 to advance to day 2, in which I finally finished 4-3, barely missing the cut after I lost my last set. I am going to analyze the team I prepared and used and how the matches went during the tournament.


Revisiting VGC 2015: NPA 5 Review

Hello Hat Lovers!

Over the last couple months I’ve been playing in the NPA as a member of the Fortree Brave Birds. I was one of the 2015 format players on the team. This gave me a chance to revisit VGC 2015 and my old team.

Week 1 VS Hayden (Loss 1-2)

Hayden’s Team: Salamence, Rotom-W, Cresselia, Heatran, Aegislash, Conkeldurr

For week 1 I went with a Mega Sableye team (I forget exactly what I had, I picked stuff more or less at random from my box). I remember it doing well against Hayden the last time we faced. It didn’t go so well. I later remembered that when I last played against Hayden I had Swampert which gave his team a lot of trouble. The match was streamed after the PC at UBC. I hoped that using Mega Sableye in the first week would scare away potential counter teams for a couple weeks.

Week 3 VS GogogoGolems (Win 2-0)

GogogoGolems’ Team: Kangaskhan, Sylveon, Thundurus, Landorus, Heatran, Amoonguss


Thundurus is the one major threat my opponent has against my team. Removing Thundurus while limiting the amount of Thunder Waves it gets to spread is the way to win this match.

Game 1:
Game 2:

I was able to limit the amount of Pokemon Thundurus could paralyze. Once Thundurus goes down I’m able to handle the remaining Pokemon with little difficulty.

Week 4 VS Hongyu (Win 2-1)


Possibly the Worst Move Ever: A Top 8 Midseason Showdown Report

Hello Hat Lovers! I’m back from the Washington Midseason Showdown. Both Mark and I got top 16 with this team in the elevated PC in Oregon and Mark got top 32 (5-2) with it in the Regionals. I missed out on CP from Oregon Regionals and since I was only planning to go to two Regionals and two Midseason Showdowns I needed to do better in the rest of my events. I’ve also neglected to practise at all because I recently bought a PS3 and have been catching up on all the Tales of games I’ve been missing since 2008. Because of this the only team I was practised with was “The Team”. Even though teams have become better suited to dealing with this team I was still confident that I could do well with it. Mark and I have made some changes to the team since the first PC I used it in. Most notably, we’ve been running Icy Wind Kangaskhan. Here’s the current team:


Ride the Fairy to Victory – 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place report

Hey there Hat Lovers,

This past weekend Max, Mark, and a couple friends from UVic attended the back-to-back Premier Challenges in Vancouver January 23rd-24th. Thanks a ton to Rapha and his family for giving all of us a place to sleep on Saturday night!

Both Max and Mark played Max’s team from the Victoria Premier Challenge for day 1. There were 26 Masters for five rounds of swiss and a Top 8 cut, where Mark made the Top 4 (technically 3rd, re: title) before being ousted by Hongyu; Hongyu won his 6th Premier Challenge of the season on Saturday. Congrats Hongyu! Rapha also made Top 8. For day 2, as a tech to beat some of the Trick Room teams that had dominated on day 1, Max had the idea to change Smeargle to a slow Smeargle that could under-speed Cresselia in Trick Room, giving us the ability to just lead Smeargle and Dark Void on turn 2 after they’d set up Trick Room. This was the Smeargle spread we used:


Epic Games & More 1st Place Premiere Challenge Report

Hello Hat Lovers!

I won the first BC Premiere Challenge of 2016. This was the first VGC 2016 tournament in BC so I didn’t know what to expect people to be playing. I decided to go with a team of Groudon, Xerneas, Kangaskhan, Salamence, Talonflame and Smeargle. The team is very strong and I’ve been playing with it for the last month so I figured I’d get a good finish from it.


Fire Miss: A VGC 2015 Season Review

Hello hat lovers!


I’m Demitri, or as I go by online, kingdjk. For the most part, I had a successful season last year, and I really only used one team with slight variations for the entirety of VGC ’15 (barring Worlds, where I made a pretty large change). I really love the team, and it has results behind it, so I thought a season report about it would be fun for me to write, and interesting for you guys to read. With the format finally coming to an end, I’d really like to share my experiences with it and my thoughts on the format. I finished in top 8 at Oregon Regionals, top 16 at Nationals, and went 3-3 at day one of Worlds.

Original Team Building Process