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The Queen Screams, The Cats Roar! Vancouver MSS 1st & Portland Regional 2nd Report

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This is Hao @HaoVGC ! After one-year silence in 2017, I won the first Vancouver MSS in January this year. I should have come up with my team report after it. However, I was just back from Portland Regional as runner up with the same 6 Pokemon I used in MSS. Honestly I did not practice at all after I left Vancouver in January. When I came back right before Portland Regional, I immediately started researching the meta. I made a few changes on moves and spread of my Pokemon based on the shifting meta. There followed my team analysis and matches at Vancouver MSS and Portland Regional.




Early VGC 2016 Metagame Primer

Hello Hat Lovers!

Before we officially start the 2016 format I’m going to look at some of the top Pokemon in the early VGC 2016 metagame. This is meant to be a guide for anyone unfamiliar with the format to help bring them up to speed with the most common threats in the metagame.

Restricted Pokemon:

The biggest part about figuring out the format so far is understanding how the restricted Pokemon interact with it. We only get two restricted Pokemon per team so a big aspect of team-building will be figuring out what combinations of restricted Pokemon are good.

I think almost all of the restricted Pokemon are usable, but since we only get to use two per team the most powerful ones will make it harder to justify using the rest. Here are the four restricted Pokemon that are currently the most used and will likely stay at the top throughout the season:


5 Reasons why Milotic isn’t Bisharp

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Today is a discussion on Milotic vs. Bisharp as the two most common Pokemon you’ll see trying to put pressure on Intimidate users. While one Pokemon is proudly Defiant in the face of Intimidate, the other pretends like it’s Competitive, and hopes the opponent won’t notice the reality of the situation; the reality being that Milotic isn’t very good.

Why isn’t Milotic very good? Why isn’t it just an alternate Bisharp? Well… here are 5 reasons why Milotic isn’t Bisharp: (more…)

Terrakion & Bisharp

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Today I’m here to talk about Terrakion and Bisharp as partners on a team. I’ve been using both on a lot of teams in testing and found they compliment each other fairly well.

I’ve been seeing these two show up together on a lot of high profile player’s teams. Aaron “Cybertron” Zheng and CT Mikoto Mikasa both used these two on their team to win Premiere Challenges. Both players used these two along with their Mega Salamence + Redirection combo.

I’ve found that these two can fit on most teams (I wouldn’t expect them to go well on a Trick Room team) and often were my safe leads against teams that I didn’t know what I wanted to do against.


Thought Experiment: Hydreigon vs. Latios

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Today’s article is going to be a bit of commentary on metagame trends and reference to past formats. The history behind the comparison of these two Pokemon is rich. In both the 2012 and 2013 formats, Latios was the default choice for a strong, Specs-boosted Draco Meteor. However, in both seasons Hydreigon showed up later in the metagame, and by the World Championships seemed to be the favourite of the two. Why was that, and why is it that Hydreigon has started out so strong this year while Latios is so irrelevant? Does Latios have anything to offer to this metagame in place of Hydreigon? That will be the topic of the article today!

Thinking about Hydreigon


Complicated EV Spreads: Bulking Up!

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Today will be a follow-up to my “On developing Speed tiers throughout a metagame” article. This time around, I’ll be looking at examples of Pokemon that don’t set the speed bar first, and instead are interested in surviving important attacks. Specifically, I’ll talk about how players recognize what attacks are important, how that relates to the purpose of a Pokemon, and common themes amongst Pokemon that invest in bulk over maximizing their attack stat. My goal is to help players cue in on what they’ll need to prepare for in a developing metagame, and how they can go about doing that!

Table of contents

  1. What’s the real threat?
  2. What does your Pokemon do (and how can you help it fill that role)?
  3. What kinds of Pokemon use complicated spreads?
  4. In Conclusion