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2017 Season Information: Format, Rental Pokemon, Live Competitions, Timer Rules

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We had several big changes announced for the 2017 season, everything from official confirmation of the format, new features, and changes to old systems. Much of this is overwhelmingly positive in my opinion and I’m very glad to see the progression that this game is taking in Sun&Moon to make VGC a greater experience. I will be posting the most important news in regards to VGC and my thoughts on them. I will be leaving some stuff out though that I believe are less important, so to see the entire everything that was announced, be sure to visit

(also, evolutions for the starters were released. The Rowlet line is still the best)


Rapha’s World Cup of Pokemon Report

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This past month I took part in the World Cup of Pokemon, a NuggetBridge tournament that featured country and region based teams. I played for team Canada along with fellow VGC With Hats members Kelvin (lyingliepard) and Max (starmetroid), and the team was captained by Randy (R Inanimate). Other members of the team include 2015 senior national champion Ben Piercy (qertyk), 2016 senior worlds quarter finalist Daravone Souphommanychanh (Lilsquinty08), Tyson Gernack (Firefly), Myles Krystalovich (drakon), Dan McSorely (DONGSONG), Shingo Fukuyado (Uwaki Shin), and Curtis Cousins (Blaazin14). Unfortunately we were left short handed by the fact that our only day 2 worlds competitors in masters Hongyu (fivepointstars) and Hao (…Hao) chose to back out from the tournament, and our admittedly thin roster didn’t allow us to advance. Regardless, the World Cup was a lot of fun because I got to play the 2015 format all three weeks, and unlike the NPA, I had already been acquainted with most of my teammates in real life.


BattleSpot Doubles Team (Peaked 1954 Rating)

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This isn’t VGC anymore technically, but I’ve taken a mini break from worlds practice to ladder on BattleSpot doubles. Beyond the intro, the post will be shorter than usual because I know non-Japanese readers don’t care for the format anymore, and truth be told, the team is fairly standard and I’m just posting this as an archive of sorts.

The biggest deviation from the standard with this team is the use of both Mega Gardevoir and Mega Kangaskhan. As strange as it is to say after having played 2016 for so long now, double mega teams aren’t overly common on BattleSpot doubles, but I believe having both makes the team better than the alternatives. The idea came about from having alternated between my nationals / worlds team and CHALK-T whenever I take a casual stroll through the format. As much as I love Scrafty, the version of the team that had it was overly weak to Milotic, Charizard teams, and Heatran among other things, whereas CHALK+T had a very difficult time with rain, Perish Trap, and in general, lacked valuable Fairy coverage. I took the best of both worlds from Scrafty + Gardevoir and Kangaskhan + Cresselia, and while they don’t cover their respective weaknesses perfectly, it complements the other four Pokemon very well and gives me more options versus their poor match ups. The biggest downside I’ve found with having both Gardevoir and Kangaskhan is that I lose the Fake Out + Trick Room option that the other two versions had. I’ve considered swapping out Trick Room on Gardevoir for this reason; however, I find other alternatives to be more situational, and without Trick Room, I lose any speed control option versus Ground types.

I haven’t done a comprehensive count, but if I had to guess, I bring Gardevoir about 70% of the time, compared to 30% for Kangaskhan. I honestly believe Gardevoir was the best mega from 2015 despite whatever biased conclusions people may draw from 2015 worlds results. Generally speaking, I bring Kangaskhan versus Charizard teams, Milotic teams, teams that are weak to Heatran (more on that later), and Gardevoir versus most others, because Kangaskhan, I feel, is too weak against Amoonguss and Intimidate to justify bringing it against teams that have them.


Surf N’ Turf Update

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I recently won back to back PCs in Victoria, putting my best finish limit at 1/1/1/1/1/16E. I used virtually the same team as the one in this article so this post will be shorter than usual. I’ll detail some of the slight changes I made regarding the team, and how those changes affect certain match ups.

Also, big thanks to Max once again for letting me and Hao stay at his place for the weekend!




Surf N’ Turf Rings a Bell

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This is the team I’ve been using for the past few months. The basic structure of the team started in January when I used Kyogre / Groudon / Mawile / Cresselia / Smeargle / Talonflame. I took the team to two PCs, finishing 3-2 at both, and while I thought the general premise of the team was strong, the fine details of it were quite lacking and I thought it needed fixing. Because of this, I chose not to use this team in the January IC, instead using Big 6 where I finished top 32. For much of February I was practising with Big 6 except with Thundurus over Talonflame (because I personally think Talonflame is a really bad Pokemon), and because I almost always brought Thundurus / Salamence / Groudon and rarely aimed to set up Xerneas or supported it with Smeargle, I found Xerneas and the team (only really because of the way I was using it) to be fairly mediocre and looked for alternatives. In a way, I combined my previous, unpolished team with Big 6 and came up with this. Bronzong was mostly inspired by a user on Pokemon Showdown who kept beating me with it, and after seeing Aaron Zheng win Anaheim regional with it, I realized just how strong it was against Big 6.

I took the team of Kyogre / Groudon / Salamence / Bronzong / Thundurus / Smeargle to Oregon regional, and even then, that iteration of the team was still fairly unpolished. Combined with lacklustre play from my end, I only went 4-3 as a result and missed out on gaining valuable CP. I didn’t have much time to practice for the Bellevue MSS just a week later, so I used the same team with one change. I played better for the most part and finished 4-2 and finished in the top 16, but still feel like I played my loss against Nicholas LeCrampe in round 4 really poorly and I feel like that that was my set to lose.

Nevertheless, I’ve become a huge fan of the archetype and have been improving the team ever since. I recently won my first PC of the 2016 format with it. I’ve also been testing Gavin Michaels’ (who finished top 8 at Florida regional) variation with Cresselia and Amoonguss and have liked it a fair bit also, but in general, I think Kyogre / Groudon / Salamence / Thundurus is a really strong core.


Oregon Regional Preview

Third and final weekend of winter regionals! I swear this isn’t a dare for Florida to have problems with their tournament, but given time zones and whatnot, Oregon will be the regional that caps off an exciting month of our new format.

Difficulty Rating:  / 5
(Three extreme weathers the Pacific Northwest sees everyday)

Location: “Not Portland but at least it’s also not Salem” Clackamas, Oregon (Monarch Hotel & Conference Center – 12566 SE 93rd Ave)

Registration Time: 8 AM on Sunday, February 28th (There will be a Premier Challenge on Saturday, with registration starting at 10:30 AM)

Last Year’s Winner: Conan Thompson (conan)

Residing on what is unequivocally the best coast, Oregon is the home of Voodoo Donuts and will be visited by three former world champions and half of US Nationals top cut. Clackamas will also be invaded by a fleet of beaver loving moose riders known as “Canadians” who will go to battle against the more local competitors of Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, and one ambitious visitor from North Carolina.


Player Flaws and the Anatomy of Poor Results

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This topic will be more rambly than usual, and some aspects of it will be less Pokemon specific. I wanted to highlight some flaws I thought people had when it came to approaching the game. I had meant to write this a lot sooner but didn’t quite know how to structure the post, so the tangents I go off of will be informal, but I figured it was the best way I could simply spew out my thoughts on this kind of topic.

Also, all of the examples here will be related to the VGC 2015 format and not 2016, because I’m not overly familiar with the new format just yet. 2015 is also the more developed meta game which makes it easier for me to determine what is actually effective instead of more creative ideas people have but have fairly untested success.