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The Queen Screams, The Cats Roar! Vancouver MSS 1st & Portland Regional 2nd Report

Hello Hat Lovers!

This is Hao @HaoVGC ! After one-year silence in 2017, I won the first Vancouver MSS in January this year. I should have come up with my team report after it. However, I was just back from Portland Regional as runner up with the same 6 Pokemon I used in MSS. Honestly I did not practice at all after I left Vancouver in January. When I came back right before Portland Regional, I immediately started researching the meta. I made a few changes on moves and spread of my Pokemon based on the shifting meta. There followed my team analysis and matches at Vancouver MSS and Portland Regional.



Are You Hypnotized? Worlds Day 1 & 2 Report

Ni Hao Hat Lovers!

This is Hao, one of your new authors of VGC with Hats. I started playing VGC last year, learning a lot from local tournaments and friends, keeping improving myself as well. At the time, I surprisingly cut my first regional in Seattle last year. This year I played decently in PCs and qualified for world championships day 1.

I’m just back from San Francisco, where I finished my first world championships. I went 6-1 on day 1 to advance to day 2, in which I finally finished 4-3, barely missing the cut after I lost my last set. I am going to analyze the team I prepared and used and how the matches went during the tournament.