Author: Carson

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No… It’s a Snorlax! A 12th Place LatAm International Report

Hey there Hat Lovers!

I’ve been meaning to write a report for a while, but never got around to it. Now that I don’t have any events until US Internats, I thought it would be a good time to release the team(s) I have used this year. The team I used in Brazil is a product of a team I have been changing and improving on since December, but I will start after St. Louis.

Building the Team:

I placed in the Top 16 in St. Louis, and here’s the team I used. This team was fairly strong, but I felt I could make something better that dealt with threats like Lele Drifblim more efficiently. I decided to keep the core of Tapu Koko, Porygon2, Mudsdale, and Arcanine because of its good matchup against common Gigalith teams. After spending a long time playing with four Pokemon on Showdown, I decided to add Trick Room Nihilego. This was mainly inspired by Rapha’s Nihilego, which you can see here. A lead of Nihilego and Arcanine with Firium Z could almost guarantee me a good position against Lele Drifblim teams, at least in the first game. After playing with this, I realized that the main issue with this team, like all my teams this format, was Snorlax. And what better way to counter Snorlax than with my own Snorlax? In all seriousness, I tried many different Pokemon in this last slot, including Kartana, Hariyama, and Tapu Bulu, before deciding on Snorlax. Now, let’s move on the Pokemon analysis.


Hidden Power Water: Or How I Memed My Way to a World Championship

Greetings, hat lovers!

Carson here. I am fairly new to VGC With Hats, but excited to be a writer. Before I talk about the team, I wanted to share the backstory about my journey to becoming World Champion. I started playing Competitive Pokemon only two years ago, after watching Sejun Park win it all with his Pachirisu. After a lot of ups and downs, I was able to cut and win my first regionals last year in Kansas. After that, I cut my first Nationals, but barely missed out on a paid invite to Worlds. I attended, but went 1-3 on Day 1 and was eliminated. However, I played in the Boston Open, and made Top 16, giving me a head start for the new season. I did fairly well, getting 4th at Houston and winning a few PCs, before I had a 3-3 flop at Virginia Regionals. Right after this, I decided to focus on another upcoming competition, the National Science Bowl, and didn’t touch Pokemon for March through April. I started playing just two weeks before Kansas Regionals, which brings me to my time using this team. Now, let’s jump right in!