NPA 7 Review

Hello hat lovers!

This year I got drafted by the Rollouts for the NPA and finished with a respectable record. My team ended up performing extremely well, finishing as the first seed in the regular season, and only losing in the finals because of a really unfortunate oopsie by yours truly. When this season of NPA started I honestly had little intentions of playing in part because I was really busy in real life. I only made a sign up post as a joke because of the draw-a-Pokemon requirement, and I thought my sign up would be immediately disqualified because I didn’t provide any information. I also didn’t think enough people knew what my TrainerTower username was. Oops. I started out well though, and I enjoyed my team and our success, so I just rolled with it. Despite the season ending on a really sour note this was the most enjoyable season I’ve had of NPA so far, as I had the opportunity to play every week, and this was the furthest any of my teams have gotten.

I saved all of the teams I used, as well as all the replays, so those will be posted. A lot of these pastes are really bad though as I threw a lot of them together for the specific opponent I had for the week, and a lot of the early ones are now outdated. Regardless, they’ll be here for the sake of completion.

Week 1: vs wiegelinho, Holy Spirits (WW)
His team: Therian Forme
My team: Therian Forme

I wasn’t comfortable with a lot of the teams I was testing in preparation for this week, so I stuck with something that was really standard back then, and something that I had experience using. In game 1, turn 2 I had originally intended to double target Zapdos but changed my mind with Kangaskhan, and ended up making an objectively terrible play by using Aegislash’s Z-move on Zapdos. This was dumb because Zapdos would have survived and been able to easily Roost off the damage afterwards. Instead the Z-move luckily crit and I won (this was also back when we thought the crit chance in gen 7 was still 1/16, so Showdown was incorrectly programmed). In game 2 I tried to play as smart as possible and won.

Record: 1-0 (2-0)

Week 2: vs Babbytron, Stars (WW)
His team: 
My team: Therian Forme

I counter teamed my opponent with some really dumb sets. Not much to see here.

Record: 2-0 (4-0)

Week 3: vs MrJellyLeggs, Monarchs (WW)
His team: 
My team: 

Game 1 was really messy and I don’t think my opponent played the end game very well, so I ended up winning. Game 2 he didn’t do anything to stop Trick Room turn 1 and whiffed on Hypnosis, and it was basically over from that point.

Week 4: vs GymNMons, Cruisers (LWL)
His team: Therian Forme
My team: 

We had already lost this week so I decided to use a more fun team, an archetype that was a throwback to 2013. Despite this being a bit of a joke team I was still in a very advantageous position at the end of game 3 until I made the only possible play to lose me the game and set. At this point in the season, I honestly hadn’t been playing very much and completely forgot that Charizard normally carries Overheat, and I let my Stakataka get crisped. I could have Protected and switched to Scrafty to be able to Trick Room freely, among many possible plays, but let the game get away from me. Despite this set not mattering for the week given that we had already lost I was still a little disappointed I let my then perfect record slip away.

Record: 3-1 (7-2)

Week 5: vs Hibiki, Ninjas (LL)
His team: Therian Forme
My team: 

Rematch from my first season of NPA in NPA 3. At the end of game 2 I was in a good position until I failed to KO my opponent’s Landorus, because neither my Aegislash nor Tyranitar had fully invested attacking stats. Lesson learned: sometimes it’s better not to get too cute with EVs, and simple spreads are often times the best decision.

Record: 3-2 (7-4)

Week 6: vs SilverJ, Toucans (LWL*)
His team: Therian Forme
My team: Therian Forme

I originally lost this match up, but the result was later overturned. This was the first week that I actually had decent practice with the team I was using, as this was one of the first variants of my eventual Oregon team. In game 3 I made the wrong call in bringing Tapu Koko and lost because my opponent brought both of his Ground types. Though I suppose it didn’t end up mattering.

Record: 4-2* (9-4*)

Week 7: vs carademono, Symbionts (LWW)
His team: 
My team: Therian Forme

I got caught way off guard by Adrenaline Orb Nihilego in game 1 and got massacred by it. In game 3 I was able to out maneuver my opponent’s Clear Smog Gastrodon with Snorlax and ended up winning.

Record: 5-2 (11-5)

Week 8: vs Ezrael, Sea Dogs (LL)
His team: Therian Forme
My team: Therian Forme

This set may or may not have gotten me in murky waters later on, but hindsight be damned, I don’t believe I made the wrong decision in not letting my opponent fix the mistakes he had on his team (Immunity Snorlax and Sturdy Gigalith). I believe it sets a bad precedent and it should be every player’s responsibility to be aware of every little detail on their own team. I do see the argument, however, that this line of thinking isn’t as applicable in the NPA, given that it’s a tournament that has no prizing, and is instead a platform to showcase high level matches. It didn’t end up mattering given that I lost anyway, but that’s just my opinion on the subject. Hilarious note: I also had a mistake on my team during this week, as my Tapu Fini accidentally had Choice Scarf and not Choice Specs. This one didn’t affect anything though given that the item was Tricked away immediately in game 1, onto a Pokemon that couldn’t benefit from the speed boost (Snorlax). In game 2 I didn’t want to bring Tapu Fini anyway.

Record: 5-3 (11-7)

Week 9: vs Lega, Loud Puppies (WLL)
His team: Therian Forme
My team: Therian Forme

Another one of my old opponents from a previous NPA season. I got lucky with a Freeze in game 1 that allowed me to seal the game. In game 2, I made an ill-advised play on turn 1 that relied on winning a speed tie. As a result, I failed to KO the Aegislash and lost my Tapu Koko as well. On turn 3 of game 3 my opponent made a really clever play to Earthquake his own Weakness Policy Tyranitar, which won him the game given that I also didn’t expect -1 Earthquake to KO my Tapu Koko from that range.

Record: 5-4 (12-9)

Week 10: vs Raikoo, Brave Birds (WW)
His Team: Therian Forme
My Team: Therian Forme

Third rematch of a previous NPA opponent. I felt like I had the match up and just tried to play as smart as possible. Fat Charizard pulled through in game 2, never getting crit or flinched and landing all of its attacks.

Record: 6-4 (14-9)

Week 11: vs KillerQueen, Gamblers (LWW)
Her Team: 
My Team:  

Despite losing game 1, I had a really good match up because my opponent greatly lacked answers for Ferrothorn and Swampert. I played to that advantage in games 2 and 3 and won this set as a result.

Record: 7-4 (16-10)

We had a bye week for the first round of the playoffs because we ended the regular season as the first seed. I was scheduled in the semi final match against the Cruisers but didn’t end up playing because my team already won 4-0 before I got a chance to play.

Finals: vs Braverius, Loud Puppies (LL)
His Team: 
My Team: 


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