Month: April 2018

NPA 7 Review

Hello hat lovers!

This year I got drafted by the Rollouts for the NPA and finished with a respectable record. My team ended up performing extremely well, finishing as the first seed in the regular season, and only losing in the finals because of a really unfortunate oopsie by yours truly. When this season of NPA started I honestly had little intentions of playing in part because I was really busy in real life. I only made a sign up post as a joke because of the draw-a-Pokemon requirement, and I thought my sign up would be immediately disqualified because I didn’t provide any information. I also didn’t think enough people knew what my TrainerTower username was. Oops. I started out well though, and I enjoyed my team and our success, so I just rolled with it. Despite the season ending on a really sour note this was the most enjoyable season I’ve had of NPA so far, as I had the opportunity to play every week, and this was the furthest any of my teams have gotten.

I saved all of the teams I used, as well as all the replays, so those will be posted. A lot of these pastes are really bad though as I threw a lot of them together for the specific opponent I had for the week, and a lot of the early ones are now outdated. Regardless, they’ll be here for the sake of completion.