In honor of National Dog Pokemon Day, we have compiled an indisputable list of the top 10 dog Pokemon.

10. Dragonite

It has the letters “d”, “o”, and “g” in its name, which is good enough for us. It’s certainly a better method of designating dogs than the rest of what the VGC community has.

9. Arceus

Or is Arceus a llama? Well, I’m going to hell for not knowing.

8. Type: Null

Some people think Type: Null more closely resembles a horse, but given that it doesn’t learn High Horsepower like other horses in Mudsdale and Snorlax, we have concluded that it is in fact a dog.

7. Lucario and Delphox

Hey, we don’t discriminate against other demographics on the internet.

6. Shiny Rockruff


5. Arcanine

Hahaha, you thought that this would be an Electric type didn’t you? Aren’t you SHOCKED that it isn’t?

4. Dialga

Well, it has four legs, which according to the Institution of Pokemon Species Nomenclature, it fulfils the required characteristics of being a dog.

3. Raikou, Entei, and Suicune

No matter what anyone tells you, Raikou is NOT a sabre tooth tiger, Entei is NOT a lion, and Suicune is NOT a leopard. That would make them cats. Those don’t exist in the Pokemon world. Every Pokemon is a dog.

2. Pelipper

There’s some debate about what animal Pelipper really is, and you can make a reasonable argument that it’s actually a duck and not a dog, but what it surely isn’t is a pelican. That just wouldn’t make any sense.

1. Dogemon
Image result for shiba inu
We couldn’t decide what the #1 dog Pokemon was, so here’s a shiba inu instead.

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