Month: February 2017

Which Fiwam Berry Should You Use?

Hello hat lovers!

In VGC 2017, there are five berries that have become a staple on teams. While these five are largely the same, there are some differences that many players don’t know about, leading to some confusion about which of them is the best choice on certain Pokemon. These berries are the Figy Berry, Iapapa Berry, Wiki Berry, Aguav Berry, and Mago Berry. They are sometimes referred to as pinch berries or Super Sitrus berries, but memorising the acronym “Fiwam” and calling them Fiwam Berries will help you learn which berry not to use on some Pokemon. Beyond understanding the berries’ mechanics, there is also an information advantage that you could have by not using certain berries, even if they don’t confuse your Pokemon.


OMG Another Giant Rock! MSS 2nd and T8 Report

Hello Hat Lovers!

There was a Midseason Showdown in Vancouver last weekend. I made the trek from the island alone so I could chase those Championship Points.

I made the initial draft of this team about a month ago after the last PC. The starting point was Specs Koko and Helping Hand Arcanine which would allow me to OHKO Garchomp with Dazzling Gleam. I added Porygon2 and Gigalith as a Trick Room mode and tried a myriad of Pokemon in the last two slots.

In the weeks leading up to the MSS I noticed Rapha was using a similar team to what I was testing. We decided to collaborate to create the teams we would go on to take 2nd and T8. In this report I’d be listing my version of the team and Rapha will share his thoughts and where his team differed from mine.

Here’s the team at a glance:

 785  Choice Specs  Volt Switch  Dazzling Gleam  Thunderbolt  Hidden Power Fire
 233  Eviolite  Return  Ice Beam  Recover  Trick Room
 526  Rockium Z  Stone Edge  Rock Slide  Curse  Protect
 445  Groundium Z  Earthquake  Poison Jab  Swords Dance  Protect
059  Mago Berry  Flare Blitz  Extreme Speed  Snarl  Protect
 797  Leftovers  Heavy Slam  Flamethrower  Leech Seed  Protect