Month: May 2016

Teams to know for Spring Regionals

Hey there Hat Lovers,

Heading into Spring Regionals, we’ve got what I think has become a more balanced metagame, albeit with a format that is still very punishing against slight misplays. The rise of Dual Primals with Bronzong has been a huge boon to the format’s balance, as this team has a great matchup against Big 6. As a result, Big 6 players are finally being forced to reconsider their team composition and figure out if there’s a way to modify their “goodstuffs” archetype to help deal with these new threats. Of course there are other teams that are popular right now, including some up-and-coming archetypes.

Today’s article is going to be an overview of the team archetypes popular today, and a glimpse into those teams that aren’t yet as well-developed.

Teams to watch for

Big 6





VGC with Hats commentates Washington Regionals

Hey there Hat Lovers!

Be sure to tune in to the official Nugget Bridge stream this weekend to catch Mark commentating the Seattle Regional Championships.* He’ll be commentating on both Saturday and Sunday, and will be joined by Gabby Snyder (JTK) from on Sunday to commentate the Top Cut.

You’ll also be able to find the entire VGC with Hats crew at Seattle this weekend. Just look for anyone wearing a VGC with Hats hat, sporting our new logo; naturally a Togekiss. The schedule for this weekend will be:

Stream Schedule

Saturday – Catch Mark starting at ~11:00 am PDT / ~2:00pm EDT

Sunday – Catch Mark and Gabby for the Top Cut (TBA)

VGC with Hats authors attending