Month: March 2016

Possibly the Worst Move Ever: A Top 8 Midseason Showdown Report

Hello Hat Lovers! I’m back from the Washington Midseason Showdown. Both Mark and I got top 16 with this team in the elevated PC in Oregon and Mark got top 32 (5-2) with it in the Regionals. I missed out on CP from Oregon Regionals and since I was only planning to go to two Regionals and two Midseason Showdowns I needed to do better in the rest of my events. I’ve also neglected to practise at all because I recently bought a PS3 and have been catching up on all the Tales of games I’ve been missing since 2008. Because of this the only team I was practised with was “The Team”. Even though teams have become better suited to dealing with this team I was still confident that I could do well with it. Mark and I have made some changes to the team since the first PC I used it in. Most notably, we’ve been running Icy Wind Kangaskhan. Here’s the current team:


Hard Reads and Coin Flips: Decisions, decisions

Hey there Hat Lovers,

Today’s article will be a discussion of one kind of “misplay.” Probably the most common, easiest mistake to make is to go for a hard read and have it backfire on you. These misplays are often called things like “overextending” or “missed predictions.” But at the end of the day, what’s often happened is that someone has gone against the safest path to victory in favour of a more rocky one.

Sometimes, that’s what you need to do, absolutely! Not all paths to victory are going to be laid down for you. But if you’re too eager to sail off course, you’re going to hit stormy seas. Playing safe is almost always a more guaranteed path to victory. To play safe, you need to select moves that allow you to come out on par or on top at the end of every turn. Indeed, to win, you need to select the best moves to use every turn. In most instances, selecting safe moves will get you there, but I don’t deny that a hard read may be necessary from time to time.

For the record, I’m going to define “hard read” as an umbrella term here. That means there are different kinds of hard reads you can make, but they’re all still hard read scenarios. Meanwhile, I’ll define a “coin flip decision” as a subset of hard reads. Keep this in mind as you read through!

So what is a hard read?