VGC 2016: A look at what’s in the format

This article is literally just a collection of images from Bulbapedia to better visualize Pokemon that have been added to the format. If you’re like me, you’re not at all used to using Legendaries, and you have little idea of what some of their competitive niches are (especially for Doubles). So hopefully this wall of sprites can help you team-build by reminding you what is in the format, and what you’ll have to watch out for. The idea for this post comes from our VGC cube draft deck.

For some great insight into these new legendaries check out this post announcing the new ruleset, and going over some of the strengths and weaknesses of these legendaries.

This post will be a work in progress and I’ll update this randomly whenever I’m team-building and trying to prepare for changes in the format. I’ll be adding relevant Mega evolutions and top Pokemon as they’re brought up in conversation. With these legendaries roaming about, I’d imagine some viable Pokemon will be hoisted into the limelight as great checks/counters to the centralizing power of the new legendary-based teams.

New legendaries

600px-150Mewtwo600px-150Mewtwo-Mega_X600px-150Mewtwo-Mega_Y600px-250Ho-Oh 600px-249Lugia600px-382Kyogre600px-382Kyogre-Primal600px-383Groudon600px-383Groudon-Primal718Zygarde 600px-384Rayquaza600px-384Rayquaza-Mega600px-483Dialga
600px-484Palkia600px-487Giratina-Origin600px-643Reshiram600px-644Zekrom 600px-646Kyurem 600px-646Kyurem-Black600px-646Kyurem-White600px-717Yveltal













Cheers, Crawdaunt out

Update history

  1. Published Dec. 12th

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