Sceptile Series Teams

Hello hat lovers!

With this series of PCs likely over for me for the rest of the calendar year I decided to post the teams I’ve used so far this season. I cut 6/8 of the PCs I attended and currently have a BFL of 1/1/4/4/4/4. It could definitely be better given how I lost some of my games in top cut, but overall, I’m happy with my results so far. I’m looking to cut out the top 4s in future PCs.

09/12/2015: 3-2, Top 4

Similar team to this one, except with Aegislash over Hydreigon and a bulkier Kangaskhan with Fake Out. I lost rounds 1 and 5 then made cut as the 8th seed. Lost a really close and well played top 4 to Hongyu.

09/26/2015: 3-1, Top 4

I had planned on using a Charizard team at this PC, however, I got haxed out by the real life RNG and received a round 1 loss for being late. Knowing that I needed to win out to make cut I decided to use the team I was most comfortable with. I ended up losing in top 4 largely due to some key mistakes I made, such as mistakenly leaving Landorus-T behind against a team with Heatran.

09/27/2015: 1-3, 9th place out of 12

I’m not sure if there’s a lesson to be learned here. I had good matchups in the first two rounds, however, looking back at some of the decisions I made, I really wasn’t thinking straight for whatever reason, and dropped to 0-2. I mercilessly beat a senior in round 3 then scooped in the last round, as I was paired up against a 2-1.

10/03/2015: 3-2, 9th place out of 17

I started 3-0, lost, then lost a pair down in the last round. Note: Don’t cheer when it’s announced that juniors and seniors will be pooled with masters. They won’t help your resistance when you get paired against them in round 1.

10/04/2015: 3-1, Top 4

The Fall Regionals Metagame Special™ and the first time DumUglyBunny even made its way into my Alpha Sapphire cartridge. I lost round 1 but thankfully squeaked into the right side of the bubble this time with 37.50% resistance. Lost in top 4 to Hongyu again.

10/17/2015: 5-0, 1st Place

The night before the tournament I decided to replace Scrafty with Hydreigon to improve my matchup against sun teams as well as Mawile + Rain, because I had known a few people would be using those. Hydreigon ended up performing amazingly as I only lost one game the entire tournament, however, as you would expect given that I hadn’t practised with these six Pokemon together, I made a major oversight with the already dreadful defensive synergy with this team and gave myself quadruple Ice weaknesses. I ran into good matchups but I’d have to address the Ice weaknesses if I were to decide to use Hydreigon again, likely using Rotom-W instead of Thundurus like Lajo did. Hydreigon fixes a lot of match ups very well but also makes some a lot worse. Also, don’t ask how this team is supposed to beat Mamoswine.

I would also like to mention that despite the low usage, I think Hydreigon is a fantastic Pokemon on the right team. Kangaskhan and Landorus-T have trended towards being slower now and Hydreigon only needs some chip damage to KO them with Draco Meteor. It also matches up well versus a lot of other common threats like Heatran, Aegislash, Cresselia, as well as rain and sun teams. Modest Choice Specs is really rough though. I think Timid with Life Orb is the best set for it.

10/24/2015: 4-0, Top 4

Second straight x-0! Unfortunately I lost in top 4. Had game 1 won but made a mistake that cost me the game.

11/21/2015: 4-1, 1st Place

Detailed this team and tournament here!

Usage stats in 8 PCs:
Heatran 8
Thundurus-I 8
Landorus-T 7
Amoonguss 6
Gardevoir 5
Scrafty 3
Kangaskhan 2
Aegislash 1
Azumarill 1
Clefairy 1
Cresselia 1
Hydreigon 1
Rhyperior 1
Salamence 1
Sylveon 1
Tyranitar 1
Sceptile 0

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