Crawdaunt is Amazing

Hello Hat Lovers!

Do you know the true meaning of fear? If not you haven’t faced Crawdaunt! Lets take a look at this monster. Crawdaunt has these big meaty claws ready to Crab Hammer your puny Pokemon into the dirt where they belong. Crawdaunt even has a star on its head so you know its the best Pokemon around.

Crawdaunt has a base 120 attack stat and Crab Hammer has base 100 power. Not only that, Crawdaunt’s ability Adaptability doubles the power of all his STAB moves so that Crab Hammer is smacking you with 200 power. Slap a Choice Band on this thing and watch it murder everything in its path. Theres no way you weak Pokemon are going to survive this beast’s onslaught. See a Thundurus? Crab Hammer it. See a Landorus? Crab Hammer it. See a Kangaskhan? CRAB HAMMER IT IN THE GOD DAMN FACE. Nothing faces Crawdaunt and lives to tell the tale. Think your Cresselia can’t get OHKO’d? THINK AGAIN. Crawdaunt can hit it so hard with Knock Off that it’ll not only die but lose its item as well. That’s right BEFORE CRAWDAUNT KILLS YOU IT TAKES EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR! Crawdaunt also learns Superpower, but chooses not to use it CRAWDAUNT TURNED DOWN SUPERPOWERS BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO WEAK FOR HIM.

Think you can outrun Crawdaunt and knock it out escape certain death? NOPE. Crawdaunt has Aqua Jet ignores your Pokemon’s speed stat and kills you before you can even blink. Crawdaunt only uses single target moves so one of the opponents Pokemon has to sit and watch its friend die. Think you can sacrifice one Pokemon to Crawdaunt while the other gets an attack off? NOT TODAY! Crawdaunt’s best friend Clefairy will take all the attacks aimed at Crawdaunt while Crawdaunt bodies your Pokemon one by one. Crawdaunt’s pals know they’re not worthy to be standing beside Crawdaunt and need to do everything they can to please Crawdaunt so he doesn’t turn on them some day NO ONE IS SAFE FROM CRAWDAUNT’S WRATH!

So you finally coming to terms with how powerful Crawdaunt is and have given up hope? IT GETS WORSE. Put this monster in the rain and it gets even stronger. Even Arceus can’t stand up to Crawdaunt’s might THAT’S RIGHT Crawdaunt can slay god by smacking it in the face with its claws. You want to know why all the mythical legendaries are banned in VGC 2015? Its because THEY’RE ALL AFRAID OF CRAWDAUNT!

Tired of losing all day? GET YOURSELF A CRAWDAUNT AND CRAB HAMMER EVERYONE TO DEATH! Fun fact: our very own Mark Hanson wears a Crawdaunt hat where ever he goes to strike fear into the hearts of everyone he meets. So what are you waiting for? GET YOURSELF A CRAWDAUNT!

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