Month: September 2015

Silenced: 2015 Worlds Retrospective

Hello hat lovers!

I was originally not planning to write a post on worlds given how poorly I did, but I figured it might be good to still do one, except more as a reflection on the experience than an actual report. I may or may not have also been encouraged by Mark to write this, but I think he just likes torturing me by making me look up an article picture for Gardevoir, given that this is now the third Gardevoir team I’ve posted here. I guess if there’s anything you can learn from a post where the author went 2-5 is that you really should not look up images of Gardevoir.


New Championship Points Structure – The Very Best

Hey there Hat Lovers,

TPCi has announced the new Championship Points structure for the Video Game Championships circuit this year! There was a big discussion amongst the players on, and TPCi listened and took their suggestions to heart. Here are some thoughts on all of the changes coming from someone who played the TCG, where the equivalent of Premier Challenges (Cities), Midseason Showdowns (States), Regionals and Nationals were part of the yearly circuit.

  • What does the circuit look like?
  • How important will these different tiers of tournaments be?
  • What issues did we have last year, and have they been fixed?

The major changes to expect this season are less pressure to fill your Premier Challenge best finish limit (BFL) , and less pressure to attend/place at 3 Regional Championships. Why do I say this? Well…

p.s. I apoligize for the rambliness of this post. To aid with digestion, I’ve made bullet point lists at the start of each section to offer a “tl;dr” version of the article for those that just want to skim.