Month: August 2015

Gravity Let Me Down: Starmetroid’s Worlds 2015 Report

Hello Hat Lovers!

I’m back from Boston where I played in the world championships. I’ll be looking at the team I played and how I ended up playing it, as well as how my matches went during the event.

Team Building After Spring Regionals:

I did commentary for the first three rounds of the Utah Premiere Challenge before Utah Regionals. One of the teams I saw used Mega Sableye, and it seemed like a fun team. One team with Mega Sableye also made top cut during Spring Regionals. After seeing this I was interested in making a team with Mega Sableye. At this point I had maxed out on Premiere Challenges and decided to play joke teams for the last two in Victoria. I brought Sableye to the first of these Premiere Challenges and I made top 4 with it (much better than the Mega Beedrill team I used the next day). Here is what I had on the team:


What happens when you start with Mamoswine

Hey there Hat Lovers,

While I haven’t been playing all that much, I built a team that was meant to just cheese out a win by being surprising, while not being completely useless in Best of 3. The start to the team was to use Mamoswine, because Mamoswine is an amazing counter to Thundurus-I, and is a very good Pokemon to face Landorus-T with. The genies are the two strongest Pokemon in the metagame right now, and it seemed like a fun Pokemon to try. To pair with Mamoswine, I wanted an Earthquake partner, so I put our Salamence on the team because Salamence is amazing. After that, I wanted one more Earthquake partner, and something that could handle attacks Salamence and Mamoswine would take. While not perfect, I’ve really liked Randy’s scarfed Rotom-W, and felt it would work nicely as a DisQuake partner. I wanted an additional Discharge partner though, and that’s when I added Excadrill and Tyranitar because I already had a Rotom-W and Salamence, and felt like bluffing Japan Sand would work well. Amoonguss rounds out that core as well as it rounds out Japan Sand, so it just got slotted onto the team.

I’ve played with it a bit online and took the team to a local tournament and got 2nd, losing to Max in the finals. The team itself has answers far better than I expected it would, and I wish I had more time to play so I could iron out some kinks and get my game back on track, but I really won’t have the time in the next while so I thought I’d put up this somewhat unique team on VGC with Hats to fill the void leading up to Worlds. I mean… our new writer could finish his tournament report sometime and we could post that. But that’s crazy talk, right mc? 😛

The Team

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