Month: July 2015

US Nationals Report

Hello Hat Lovers!

Today I’m going to talk about the team I brought to Nationals. I was hoping to fill the front page with Nationals reports from more successful players but Rapha’s Nationals report is going on Nugget Bridge (sellout) and our new unannounced author hasn’t finished their report yet.

Before Nationals I wanted a new team. I didn’t think rain was going to be a good metagame choice for Nationals. I was very comfortable with Salamence & Aegislash and knew I wanted both on my team. I tested a couple different ideas but never found anything I really liked. About a week before Nationals I decided to play the same team I used at Regionals. Because Heatran was increasing in popularity I figured rain would be good. My attitude was that Nationals was going to be a free vacation and if I could make day two than that would be another free vacation at worlds.


@Milotic @Suicune @Bisharp: developing through the metagame

Hey there Hat Lovers,

While I never check twitter, when an article gets as suddenly popular as “5 Reasons Why Milotic isn’t Bisharp,” it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow. There are some pretty inane comments it’s received, both on the site and on twitter. While the original tweeter and commenting crew later realized that the article was written in April, and thus not a current comment on Milotic, the wake of that negative press will take a couple days to cool off.

In the meantime, the attention has had me revisit the article. Looking at what I said back then and where Milotic sits now in the metagame, I was actually inspired to write a bit of extra discussion. (more…)


Hello Hat Lovers!

My name is Wesley, or DreadPirateRoberts as I shall henceforth be known, and this is my first team report, but I hope to bring more content to you guys in the future.

I have been meaning to write this report for a while now, so here it is. This is the team I used to place fourth at the Seattle regional back in May. I have been playing VGC now since sometime in January, I got bored of playing singles on Battlespot all the time and decided to check the Pokemon website for an official competition. This is how I came to play my first premier challenge in Victoria and meet the other authors of this site. After enjoying a few PC’s I decided to go along with team BC down to Washington in May for my first Regional. So without further ado, below is the team I used to make top 4 after going 7-1 in Swiss.

Breloom Heatran Mamoswine metagross-mega Rotom-Wash Togekiss


Canadians Abroad: US Nationals Preview

Hey there Hat Lovers, Mark here.

This Canada Day, with US Nationals only 3 days away, I thought I’d write up a fun little preview article to showcase the Canadians with a good shot at a World’s invite this year. The following list is a both a Top 10, and a clean cutoff for anyone with a minimum of 180 CP; that means if anyone on this list gets a Top 16 at US Nats, they’ll have >380 CP, which is the projected cutoff for a Worlds invite.

So who are the Canucks to look out for at US Nationals? (more…)