Epic Games and More: grassroots tournament

Hey there Hat Lovers,

Today’s post is short and sweet. I just wanted to give a shout out to Epic Games and More in Victoria BC for holding their first Pokemon 3DS tournament this past weekend! Despite being a local grassroots tournament, we had an attendance of 15 players; that’s only 2 below our last Premier Challenge at the same location! Epic Games will be holding monthly tournaments from here on out, so if you’re looking to play in the off-season, Epic Games is the place to be!

Yesterday’s tournament had cash prizes for first and second, and store credit for T4; they also had a couple giveaways of Nintendo Kirby plushies!

Epic Games is also thinking about getting a Capture Card for future events, and wants to stream events on Twitch with commentators if available. But first, they need to see that Pokemon will be a consistent event worth streaming. It’d be awesome to see Victoria’s Pokemon community rival that of Vancouver’s. The EG crew are also interested in looking into becoming a sanctioned organizer through Pokemon so they can start hosting sanctioned events including Premier Challenges! So spread the word if you aren’t already!

As far as the VGC with Hats crew did: the tournament was in Best-of-3 format with Top Cut. Max was playing a hail team he’s been toying with and I played Hyper Mode. Max and I finished Swiss at 4-0 and 3-1 respectively to make cut. We ended up facing in Top 4 in another one of our usual terrible amazing coin flips skill-offs. After that, I faced Ben in the finals winning 2-1 and taking the tourney. Also congrats to Ben and Calli for making Top Cut (and Theo for bubbling)!

Overall, super stoked to have played in a Victoria tournament; this was the first Victoria VGC tournament that I didn’t host, and the first I’d ever played in that wasn’t just a small event I ran alongside Pokemon Club at the university. It felt extremely weird to be wished “good luck” as I left the door to go to the event, but I guess that’s a thing now!

Crawdaunt out

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