Month: June 2015

Epic Games and More: grassroots tournament

Hey there Hat Lovers,

Today’s post is short and sweet. I just wanted to give a shout out to Epic Games and More in Victoria BC for holding their first Pokemon 3DS tournament this past weekend! Despite being a local grassroots tournament, we had an attendance of 15 players; that’s only 2 below our last Premier Challenge at the same location! Epic Games will be holding monthly tournaments from here on out, so if you’re looking to play in the off-season, Epic Games is the place to be!

Yesterday’s tournament had cash prizes for first and second, and store credit for T4; they also had a couple giveaways of Nintendo Kirby plushies!

Epic Games is also thinking about getting a Capture Card for future events, and wants to stream events on Twitch with commentators if available. But first, they need to see that Pokemon will be a consistent event worth streaming. It’d be awesome to see Victoria’s Pokemon community rival that of Vancouver’s. The EG crew are also interested in looking into becoming a sanctioned organizer through Pokemon so they can start hosting sanctioned events including Premier Challenges! So spread the word if you aren’t already!

As far as the VGC with Hats crew did: the tournament was in Best-of-3 format with Top Cut. Max was playing a hail team he’s been toying with and I played Hyper Mode. Max and I finished Swiss at 4-0 and 3-1 respectively to make cut. We ended up facing in Top 4 in another one of our usual terrible amazing coin flips skill-offs. After that, I faced Ben in the finals winning 2-1 and taking the tourney. Also congrats to Ben and Calli for making Top Cut (and Theo for bubbling)!

Overall, super stoked to have played in a Victoria tournament; this was the first Victoria VGC tournament that I didn’t host, and the first I’d ever played in that wasn’t just a small event I ran alongside Pokemon Club at the university. It felt extremely weird to be wished “good luck” as I left the door to go to the event, but I guess that’s a thing now!

Crawdaunt out

Ten Wins and Bagel Losses: BC Invitational Winning Report

Hello hat lovers!

This past weekend I was able to win the BC Invitational, a tournament that we detailed here. This was a tournament that I had been looking forward to for quite some time, and despite not being awarded any CP and the attendance being a little small compared to the amount of people that earned an invite, this was quite easily the most excited I’ve been over a tournament performance. The $350 prize for winning was quite nice, especially after missing out on a Nationals stipend, but the greater satisfaction was probably winning a tournament that was invite exclusive. I also managed to go 10-0 the entire tournament, winning five straight best-of-three sets without dropping a single game in those match ups.


VGC Cube Drafting

Hello Hat Lovers!

Mark and I have been working on a VGC draft format over the last year, and recently we held our first draft tournament.

Last year before Nationals I built a deck of TCG cards that featured all the common Pokemon from the VGC 2014 metagame. At Nationals I would hand out six random cards to people and tell them that was their team. We would look at what everyone got and see who had the most legitimate looking team to try and play with.

We later tried to make a game out of this where everyone is given their team at random and everyone tries to argue why their team is better than the rest. These attempts often collapsed into a black hole of biased theory-mon and didn’t end up being satisfying. The was no accounting for player skill or RNG so it was impossible to determine which team would win. We decided that the only way to salvage this game was to make the players make their team after getting the cards and actually playing a game.

At long last we finally made a format for VGC drafting. Here are the steps for drafting:

  • Gather all players in a circle and give them each eight random cards from the deck
  • Each player takes one card for themselves and passes the remaining cards to the player on the left
  • Repeat the last step with the cards passed to you until everyone has eight cards
  • Every player is given twenty minutes to build their team on Showdown using the six of the eight Pokemon they drafted.

As an example of what you can expect, here’s what I drafted:


Premier Challenges: a year in review

Hey there Hat Lovers,

Many players bemoan the low-attendance Premier Challenges (PCs), Premier Challenge distribution, and how easy Championship Points are to get in certain areas relative to others. I wanted to know just how common low-attendance events were, which areas had better access to PCs, and what the trends in attendance looked like as the season progressed.

Today’s article is going to go over how the Premier Challenge system has gone since its introduction in the pilot series back in April-June 2014. Since then, we’ve had three more Premier Challenge series, the Kickoff Series, the Alpha Series, and the Omega Series. The dataset I’ve compiled comes from organizer reports of attendance in each series, and is not a complete dataset but just a representative sample. That said, my numbers aren’t too shabby; I have tallied attendances from 306 PCs worldwide, with 200 being from Canada and the USA.

What I’ve done is compared the series to each other within Canada and the USA, and characterized what attendances looked like within each series. I will look at the distribution of states reporting events, and also the trends in attendance, how the Junior/Senior attendances stack up, and what attendances in other countries look like. So without further ado, let’s dive in!


Follow Me on a Trip to the Island! – Double Top Cut Report

Howdy hat lovers!

I recently visited Victoria for the last two BC Premier Challenges of the season to pick any CP that I can. I chose not to use my Metagross team because I had honestly gotten bored with it, so instead, my friend OneTrueKing gave me the team he used to reach top 3 in the world on BattleSpot. I thought the team was straight forward enough that I could learn quickly on how to use it.