Premiere Challenge Update

Hello Hat Lovers!

I won my fifth Premiere Challenge last weekend. The tournament only had 6 masters so this post is more of an update then an report.

I played the same team that I used for the last PC:


The only changes I made were replacing Meteor Mash with Iron Head on Metagross and getting better IVs on my Politoed and Terrakion (0 attack on Politoed and 31 HP on Terrakion). As with the last PC I knew that this team would be good against the Victoria metagame.

I want to take a moment to talk about how ridiculous 6 person tournaments are. If a 6 person tournament doesn’t sound prestigious you don’t know the half of it. Of the 3 rounds we played I got paired down twice and didn’t face the players that got second and third. The player I faced in the last round got fifth place and was one more critical hit (from a Leaf Blade no less) away from beating me and winning the tournament.

This brings me up to 300 CP. Since I’ve maxed out my best finish limit at PCs I can now go full NFG for the rest of the Premiere Challenges this season. I’ve had a lot of team ideas that are probably really bad that I’ve been ignoring until now.


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