Introducing Rapha!

Hey there Hat Lovers,

VGC with Hats has another author to get excited about! Joining the VGC with Hats crew is Raphael “Rapha” Bagara, a local player from BC. Despite a short VGC career, Rapha is the proud owner of a toque, and has started 2015 with 158 Championship Points in a very competitive area for Premier Challenges, filling his Best Finish Limit with a 2nd, 4th, 4th, 4th and 16th. He also has 40 Championship Points from bubbling out of Oregon Regionals at 9th place, for a Top 16 finish.

Despite often settling on the same team, Max and I usually take a different approach to VGC with Hats. Max tends to write about his testing results, while I like to post about concepts in my approach to the game. With a third author, the content on this blog can only improve as a new perspective is brought to the front page.

Plus, he uses Togekiss.


The VGC with Hats team

p.s. There is an Azumarill in Rapha’s box that hasn’t seen battle since 2014

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