NCPA Round 3 Preview

Hey there Hat Lovers,

Round 3 of the National Collegiate Pokemon Association (NCPA) is starting next week! If you’ve missed out on the action so far, check out Mark’s Round 3 preview highlighting every team and their members. Here’s a sample to pique your interest:

University of Victoria (UVIC)

UVic started off with a close 3-2 win over Oklahoma State, and followed it up with a victory over CSULB, 4-1. The team changed things up a bit between rounds one and two, swapping out John Westwood and Robert Call for Jason Wynja and Wesley Anderson. That move seems to have worked well for UVic as both subbed players took their sets in round two, and Wesley currently tops the NCPA in KO ratio (8.00).

The ACEs for rounds one and two have been writers Mark Hanson (142 Championship Points) and Max Douglas (266 Championship Points), with Jason Wynja (176 Championship Points) and John Westwood (122 Championship Points) in non-ACE slots. While Wesley may lead the team in W% (100%) and KO ratio, it’s hard to ignore Max Douglas who is coming off a 2nd place Regionals finish.

Fun fact: UVic also has a Premier event-studded team; every member has at least 20 CP from this 2015 VGC season.

Captain’s Call: “Max, please don’t use Beedrill.”

Next opponents: UC Berkeley proved their worth in round one, sweeping TAMU 5-0. They emerged 3-2 after taking on Oklahoma State. As UVic took a close 3-2 series against OSU themselves, this should make for an interesting butting of heads in the western conference.

Feel free to check out the NCPA 2015 Season Player Statistics as well! You can also follow the NCPA on Twitter!


Crawdaunt out

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