Month: February 2015

Introducing Rapha!

Hey there Hat Lovers,

VGC with Hats has another author to get excited about! Joining the VGC with Hats crew is Raphael “Rapha” Bagara, a local player from BC. Despite a short VGC career, Rapha is the proud owner of a toque, and has started 2015 with 158 Championship Points in a very competitive area for Premier Challenges, filling his Best Finish Limit with a 2nd, 4th, 4th, 4th and 16th. He also has 40 Championship Points from bubbling out of Oregon Regionals at 9th place, for a Top 16 finish.

Despite often settling on the same team, Max and I usually take a different approach to VGC with Hats. Max tends to write about his testing results, while I like to post about concepts in my approach to the game. With a third author, the content on this blog can only improve as a new perspective is brought to the front page.

Plus, he uses Togekiss.


The VGC with Hats team

p.s. There is an Azumarill in Rapha’s box that hasn’t seen battle since 2014

NCPA Round 3 Preview

Hey there Hat Lovers,

Round 3 of the National Collegiate Pokemon Association (NCPA) is starting next week! If you’ve missed out on the action so far, check out Mark’s Round 3 preview highlighting every team and their members. Here’s a sample to pique your interest:

University of Victoria (UVIC)

UVic started off with a close 3-2 win over Oklahoma State, and followed it up with a victory over CSULB, 4-1. The team changed things up a bit between rounds one and two, swapping out John Westwood and Robert Call for Jason Wynja and Wesley Anderson. That move seems to have worked well for UVic as both subbed players took their sets in round two, and Wesley currently tops the NCPA in KO ratio (8.00).

The ACEs for rounds one and two have been writers Mark Hanson (142 Championship Points) and Max Douglas (266 Championship Points), with Jason Wynja (176 Championship Points) and John Westwood (122 Championship Points) in non-ACE slots. While Wesley may lead the team in W% (100%) and KO ratio, it’s hard to ignore Max Douglas who is coming off a 2nd place Regionals finish.

Fun fact: UVic also has a Premier event-studded team; every member has at least 20 CP from this 2015 VGC season.

Captain’s Call: “Max, please don’t use Beedrill.”

Next opponents: UC Berkeley proved their worth in round one, sweeping TAMU 5-0. They emerged 3-2 after taking on Oklahoma State. As UVic took a close 3-2 series against OSU themselves, this should make for an interesting butting of heads in the western conference.

Feel free to check out the NCPA 2015 Season Player Statistics as well! You can also follow the NCPA on Twitter!


Crawdaunt out

2nd Place Oregon Regionals Report

Hello Hat Lovers!

Mark, Trevore, Chase, Jason and myself all drove down to Portland last weekend to compete in Oregon Regionals. Trevore, Chase and Jason all played in TCG Regionals on Saturday and then in a League Challenge on Sunday. Me and Mark played in a Premiere Challenge on Saturday and in VGC Regionals on Sunday.

We got in around 1:30 AM after getting lost a couple times and our TCG friends were up until 5AM preparing their decks. This made me incredibly thankful that I had decided on my team well in advance. We got up at 7AM to deliver them to the event. I made top 8 in the Premiere Challenge. I changed some of the items for the PC so that if I faced the same people at Regionals they would have false information on the team. The item changes were not ideal for the team, but they were worth trying.

Chase made top cut and stayed up until 3AM deciding on what deck to play on Sunday. We got up again at 7AM to get to the event in time for registration. There were 175 masters registered, giving us 8 rounds of swiss and a top cut of 8. Only 8-0 and 7-1 records were ensured a spot in top cut, with two 6-2 records making it.


Speed Control: Options and Analysis

Hey there Hat Lovers,

Today’s article is going to be a further discussion on Speed in the ORAS metagame. There are many things that aren’t 100% in Pokemon; you have inaccurate moves, flinch chances, critical hits and more. The best players look for ways to either give themselves consistently favourable RNG rolls, or avoid random chance altogether. The former is a discussion I briefly brought up a long while back in my article “The Blame Game.” Today I’m going to focus on an aspect of the latter: ways to avoid random chance altogether. And possibly the most predictable thing in Pokemon is not move accuracy, not flinches, not crits, not random burns or freezes, but Speed.

Why you should think about Speed


From zero to hero: a Rotom-W story

Hey there Hat Lovers,

This past weekend was a back-to-back set of Premier Challenges in Vancouver, which means I wasn’t hosting them! And you know what that means? I got to play in them! A novel idea indeed. Taking the trip over was Max, myself and our new friend and NCPA UVic teammate Wesley, who showed up out of nowhere and Top 4’d the last Premier Challenge I hosted in Victoria. We left the night before to try and get a good night’s sleep before the event; this means staying up until 3am watching Pacific Rim while pining over team decisions.