Month: October 2014

New ORAS Mega Evolution stats revealed

Hello Hat Lovers!

The Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire demo has been distributed around the world, and hackers have found some data regarding the new Mega Evolutions stat distribution (as well as OR/AS’s level up moves, egg moves, and tutor compatibility). For those of you that don’t want any spoilers for the new Mega Pokemon or their stats, I recommend you not to read any farther. For those who are always itching to learn more about the new games as their release date approaches, read on! I’ve given my thoughts on the new Megas and how I think they’ll fair next season.


On Developing Speed Tiers Throughout a Metagame

Hey there Hat Lovers!

Today, I’m going to discuss a topic I’ve been thinking a fair bit about lately. One of the most common frustrations I see from people trying to learn the game is understanding how people come up with complicated EV spreads. It really isn’t obvious where the EV spread  92 HP / 4 Def / 252 Atk / 4 SpDef / 156 Spe for Adamant Mega Charizard X comes from. I’ve contemplated writing an article about coming up with complicated EV spreads, but realized many of them are generated first by speed requirements. In order for someone to understand where those requirements come from, we need to use a metagame approach.

For a really helpful article on the many speeds Pokemon can reach, see Scott’s Speed Tier article on!


  1. Don’t think in EVs, think in stats

  2. Base Speed vs. Max Speed Stat

  3. Centralizing Pokemon or Speed Stats

  4. Example: Adamant Mega Charizard X

  5. The Evolving Metagame


Scrubbing Up – 1st Place Premeire Challenge Report

Hello Hat Lovers!

This weekend I replicated Mark’s success and won a Premiere Challenge in Vancouver. The tournament was happening at the same venue as TCG BC Regionals was, so I got to see Trevore, Chase and Josh while I was there. They’re still scrubbing up playing TCG, Chase won in Masters and Josh made top 4 in Seniors. Our tournament was supposed to start at 3PM once the Juniors were finished but they took much longer than expected and we ended up starting around 6 PM.

The team I used started out as the Raichu team seen before on VGC w/Hats, and has changed over to become what it is. I’ve been shaping this team for a few months now.This is a stark contrast between Mark, whom has been making his teams sometime between 3AM and when the tournament starts. I’ve been yo-yoing in the 1400-1600 range on Showdown as I’ve been testing changes and new party members. I realized that Showdown wasn’t a reliable indication of how I would do as I was facing the same players over and over again so the view of the metagame I was getting was biased. On top of that most of the best players in BC aren’t playing by the (current) metagame. I had a rough matchup against Tyranitar so I was hoping that I wouldn’t face very many. I tried a lot of different members on the team to deal with Tyranitar and while I don’t think I’ve managed to make the team favourable against it I gave the team enough outs to be able to defeat it.