Month: August 2014

VGC 2015 predictions

Hello Hat Lovers!

Now that Worlds is over I’ve been thinking about what VGC 2015 will be like. It’ll be impossible to get a good idea of what the format will be like until we know the ruleset and see all the new Mega Evolution, but its fun to look ahead based on what we know.



Pokemon of the Week: Blastoise

Mega Tortank

Hey there Hat Lovers!

Today’s PotW comes as a request from PokeFan.

Blastoise: It’s a turtle. It’s a gen 1 starter. Its french name is “Tortank.” It’s pretty coo’, as most nostalgic 20-something year olds will tell you. But what can it do for you?

I’m glad you asked random internet-goer!

Base Stats:
 79 / 83 / 100 / 85 / 105 / 78


 79 / 103 / 120 / 135 / 115 / 78