25 Things We Learned at US Nats

Hey there Hat Lovers,

We just flew back from Indy, and BOY are our arms tired. What a Nats trip it was, and man did we ever learn a lot. But keeping it short, here are 25 things we learned at US Nats.

  1. Frustration Kangaskhan is definitively better
  2. Using Transform Smeargle? Breed for HP Ice
  3. Fried Pickles are incredibly disappointing
  4. Trick Rotom-H@Flame Orb is the secret play against LumChomp
  5. Stempe is too strong at Pokermon
  6. Alex Ogloza is too strong period
  7. Speaking of which, who needs Protect?
  8. Life Orb Aegislash #TheWayOfTheFuture
  9. Zapdos > Talonflame
  10. Talonflame > the meta
  11. Baseball signs… brilliant
  12. Crawdaunt is a spy, even if he doesn’t know it
  13. Hey… genuine shout-out to Pokemon for running a very smooth, very enjoyable tournament! They can do that.
  14. Don’t stay at the train hotel
  15. Noodles and Co. is legit
  16. Free samples are everywhere in the food court, which is just so bizarre
  17. Choice Specs HP Fire Greninja next to Skill Swap Technician Smeargle@Choice Scarf is the plan
  18. That still doesn’t get the guaranteed OHKO on Ray’s Careful M-Mawile
  19. Don’t give the guy without cell reception the job of texting people
  20. Choice Scarf Heal Pulse Gothitelle + Final Gambit Staraptor
  21. Juniors were born after Swellow was created
  22. Dealing random Pokemon cards can be made into a variety of games
  23. Torkoal: on Ray’s 2013 Worlds team, made T4 Juniors US Nats. On to something?
  25. There are other places where it’s always Friday

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